Duned Seasons

I find myself frustrated in my current season, fighting feelings of inadequacy as I am struggling to move forward into the state of being I want to thrive in. Sometimes, honestly, a lot of times, this season feels as though I am climbing a sand dune. But the sand is loose and the dune angled steeply. I stay in the same place or slide backwards losing visual progress despite my effort. I get frustrated and I blame myself because I see it as failure. I laugh because I get nowhere and am enjoying the exhaustion of effort and ridiculousness of it all.

Often, I keep going because at the very least I say I did my best! I tried! But while climbing shifting sand dunes you may just find that the faith and determination it takes to keep going might dig a path through the dune. While climbing in place, the progress shifts beneath my feet as I struggle forward. That seemingly fruitless effort is making me stronger.

What I have learned is that being intentional and consistent does pay off because God is not concerned as much with the flesh as He is with the Spirit. So, even though my struggles seem, or are fruitless, I do my best and trust that God is working in my heart and mind to form in me patience, understanding, enduring strength, determination and a spirit of excellence.

There are many seasons in life. Some seem too short, others feel as though they will never end.  Be present and accounted for in this season of your life. Do not day dream for your next season. You don’t really know what it is yet. Humble yourself before God, embrace this time and be willing to dig into your dune. Be observant of your progress and adapt. But don’t give in, don’t give up.  Do things God’s way and trust in Him. Have a willing heart to allow God to prune, heal, and grow you. God doesn’t want your mere survival, He wants you to thrive and his efforts to help you do not end.

It’s okay to:
Not know
Not have an answer
Understand that you don’t understand
Not have the blue print to the future
Not see a way to where or how or what

But in these sometimes recurring, constant, or scary seasons, I find peace, rest, joy, help and hope when I Trust in Jesus. God has been consistent in his attentive loving-kindness. Trusting Him with my tomorrows, giving Him my worries for today!

– Sara Ahnert


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