Changing Resolutions

So the new year is upon us. Everyone will be asking, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” Saying things like “New year, new you!” And pressuring others around themselves to start a change and even bragging about their own deflating resolutions. The gym will be full of people throwing themselves into exercise effort’s to improve their health, kick off the holiday pounds, and miraculously find a way to get those abs showing instead of flab without actually making a permanent change.

So why make a New Years Resolution? Why go to all the trouble of thinking something up when your effort isn’t going to last? Why bother?

I say don’t. If it’s not real to you, if you are really just making resolutions because it is the thing to do, then concentrate your efforts on the good things that you already do for yourself and others. Think about what you really want, and when you truly want change to happen, make the change with wholehearted determination.

I’m changing the game in my own life. I don’t have time to waste halfheartedly on resolution that I am not determined to do. My resolution for this coming year is simple.

For the last two years I have chosen a word to represent what I wanted my Walk with God, my life, to be. The first year I chose the word obedience. I chose to be open to being obedient to God’s will in all areas of my life. This year my word was Stronger, and again I stayed open to God’s will as he pruned away the brokenness in my heart and mind.. it was a really tough year and while I don’t want to repeat it, I love the emotional freedom God has given me from it.

So this coming year, a new word has to be chosen. Because I chose to remain open and willing to accept God’s will, so many things have drastically changed in my life. Harder work than I’ve ever imagined lies ahead of me and though I am eager to begin, I am already overwhelmed! That is where my word is essential to me. I chose “BALANCE” and I know that I need to make sure that I am not giving too much attention to one area of my life over the other. Burnout is not something I can afford, and though I know that reminding myself that living life balanced will help me focus, I also know that remaining open to God’s will for our walk will bring me further into spiritual maturity and relationship with him. I’m praying for growth, for steadiness, and to keep my head in the game.

So maybe you really want to succeed in your resolution, and maybe, like me, choosing a related word to focus on will help you. But what ever you do, I urge you to be open to God’s will in your life and step forward towards him when he calls you to move.

Big changes starts with little steps. You can watch others change while you sit still and dissipate. Or you can walk forward in faith, and find the strength of movement and the opportunity of growth that God has prepared for you.

– Sara Ahnert

Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. “Make level paths for your feet,” so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.

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