I Should Be Further Along By Now

That is a lie I have listened to more times than I would like to admit. A lie I have convinced myself as truth since being faced with a hard dose of reality after graduating college.

I’ve had a love for nature for as long as I can remember. I spent most of my childhood camping, hiking, going to museums, exploring outdoors, asking questions about literally everything. That eventually led to one single class in high school where my passion for the environment truly took root and motivated me to pursue a degree in that field. Unfortunately, I had this unrealistic expectation when I graduated that a bachelor’s degree with no relevant experience would guarantee me a career job. I was in for a rude awakening.

It has been five years’ worth of job rejections and a ton of spiritual growth for me to realize just because the route to your destination is full of road blocks and detours, doesn’t mean you give up on your dream. I’m a firm believer that we have callings, passions, and dreams that are God given. If He’s placed something on your heart, don’t ever give up on it because too many obstacles lie in front of you. Stop fixating and using them as your excuse to put it on the back burner. The pace of your journey is unique. Falling for the comparison trap and believing “I should be further along by now” will only lead to bitterness, worry, and anger towards God. I gave that lie power by not admitting to myself or sharing with someone that I struggled with it. You can slip into the mindset that He gave you a passion that is unrealistic, impossible based on your circumstances which can turn into resentment.

Through my journey, I can say with every fiber of my being that I believe God’s timing is perfect and that He genuinely wants what’s best for us. Every season, detour, trial, and stepping stone is preparing you for the path God has planned for your life. I don’t know how God will use my calling or if it will look anything like what that optimistic teenager had in mind. But I do know if you declare war on that lie, surrender every worry and doubt, and put your full trust in Him, the destination will be beyond what you could have ever imagined.

– Cassia Harms


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