You see what I can’t see

How frustrating is it to do a puzzle and then get to the end and realize, oh, my gosh, I’m missing a piece?! You almost want to call the manufacturer and be like, nooo! I need it. I need my piece. You need the satisfaction. Because how many of you know the joy of doing a puzzle is actually all about putting the last piece into place?! So, why is it that, in life, we’re always feeling like there’s one last puzzle piece we haven’t found yet?

It was almost 10 years ago, and I can still remember my Pastor back home giving each of us this one little puzzle piece, and saying something along the lines of, “You can only see this much. But our God, He sees the whole picture.” It has now been one year since I found that (misplaced) first puzzle piece and the weeks and months that followed were unbelievable, to say the least. Y’all, within 3 days, I found random puzzle pieces in the weirdest, “only God” ways. 3 of them! 3 tiny little puzzle pieces! It was so odd to me but so fun and extraordinary. Each one I picked up was truly a whisper of hope from Him. I absolutely knew in those moments He was speaking directly to me… Saying: “I am Your piece.. Your peace…you’ve been searching for the ‘missing piece’ but I AM that last piece of the puzzle for you.” Since then, I’ve also been prophesied over 4 times now and I’m coming to peace knowing that He truly is my “missing piece”. I’ve realized my Jesus is closer than I know. He hears me and sees me. He is and always will be my center peace and my final answer. I trust him. I trust his plan. His promises. His will. His ways. His mystery. His “bigger picture.” He is my puzzle manufacturer and I know he sees and has the cover of my puzzle box. He is faithful and He is good and he is kind enough to only let me have one (or 3 pieces) at a time. My dreams are small compared to His, and I wholeheartedly believe He has the best of the best waiting for me.

Whether I can see it now or not (Hebrews 11:1), I have this faith and hope in Him, and I know He will work it all out for good, because I love Him (Romans 8:28).

– Laura Oropeza

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