Imagine being surrounded by the unknown. You walk through the arch of your destination, one that you’ve never seen before. Scores of individuals are gathered in circles, chatting away with an increasingly loud volume and staring as you slowly and fearfully move from the outside to the inside. As you proceed to move past the swarms of people, the intense pressure and evident intrigue of the locals creates a sense of the room closing on you, as if someone was turning the room pitch black like the end of an episode from cartoons of decades past. You see a silhouette quickly closing in. The person greets you with a smile and asks your name, but most of your energy is focused on staying awake. The one person then proceeds to fire a barrage of questions, genuinely interested yet unaware of your background, circumstances, feelings, etc.

By now your desire and intrigue about a community that would support you and be a part of the healing and growth has morphed into a feeling of desperation, wanting to turn around and rush back to your car faster than Usain Bolt himself.


Take a moment to picture that… Now let’s imagine a different scenario…

You arrive still feeling the same way, yet even before you’ve reached the door, someone comes up to you in the hallway, smiling and giving you that firm handshake or warm hug you’ve been longing for. You get introduced to people who are Christ-loving and actually want to do life with you, getting to know you for who you really are with no judgement whatsoever. You suddenly realize that many, if not all of these people understand what mental, emotional, and physical pain feels like. The next moments provide clarity on who these people are, your burden feeling lighter as if they came up one by one to grab a piece of that load. The announcer is quite excited about the upcoming events and news. Immediately after, the speaker for the day starts teaching and discussing something you didn’t know you needed to hear and ends with a bang!

Before you know it, you’re on your way to lunch with the group and connected to these individuals in so many ways!

By now your desire and intrigue about a community that would support you and be a part of the healing and growth has morphed into a feeling of joy and freedom, wanting to return next week… and the next… and the next.


After all is done, you take a moment to reflect on how your day could have possibly been so opposite from how it started; it felt like coming HOME on a rainy day jumping onto the couch with a warm beverage and freshly-baked cookies, cuddled up with your blanket, watching your favorite TV show or movie.

What was the difference between the two? One word, four letters: L.O.V.E. It may be obvious, but it’s clear that authentic Christlike love makes people around us feel like they are home.

My name is David J Rojas, and this is story of how I joined CS Young Professionals, and how God used these people to create HOME in my life, and now I hope to help create it for every one of you!


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