Writing through the Waters

I am the greatest of procrastinators. I delay, I find excuses, and I make justifications to wrestle with the pressing of God’s blessing on how he gifted me. I am a writer and I hate writing. I find it like homework. I find it unbearable how teachers (each teacher is different for those who are in the profession {in your defense 😀 }) subject you to tasks to meet some arbitrary word count, either regurgitating what you already read or to do further research on something you usually have a minuscule connection to. I could list countless examples, but I digress.

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Theming The Year with Love, Listening, and Light

It’s January 2019! Before jumping in to make all those goals and resolutions, I think it’s awesome to reflect on what we want 2019 to represent, what we want this year to stand for.

To that effect, and in what’s become a yearly tradition of one of my favorite communities, Cornerstone church’s young professionals, my words of the year are…

drum roll***:

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