2020 was supposed to be our year! At the start, everybody was ready for good to happen, and my word for the year was the perfect word for a wonderful year! Or so I thought.

My word was love; I wanted to understand the way God loves us on a much deeper level, to understand, from our Creator’s eyes, what love truly is. The thing about my relationship with God is that he knows I take my lessons best the hard way, and he provides for me practical life examples to learn by. So even though love is such a beautiful word, I knew that I would see painful and abrupt changes in my understanding of it.

Looking back at 2020, from the start, was like watching a perfectly timed catastrophe. Like an unexperienced man standing with his back to an open door of a plane, he loses his balance falling backward; in slow motion, out of the plane at 10,000 feet, with no parachute, with terror in his eyes, grabbing frantically at the plane but already too far gone to even feel it at his fingertips. He was free-falling towards the ground, at first seeing the plane shrink, smaller and smaller in the sky; not fully aware of the catastrophe he rushed towards. But then the wind whipped and twisted him, pulling at his limbs and shifted him so that he saw the ground rushing closer, and closer, and closer to him.

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